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Storm Shelters   
We are all familiar with the increase in both number and intensity of storms and  tornadoes recently.  We have a variety of storm shelters available to choose from to protect you and your loved ones. Show us where you want it and we will do the rest.. 
Tornado Picture for Storm Shelters Are you prepared for what could happen?
 Are you prepared for what could be  ahead?
Tornado Survivor-you could be a survivor like the person in this picture with a storm shelter  This woman survived 
because of her storm shelter.
Our standard storm shelter has an interior height of 6', allowing enough room for up to 8 people.  An area approximately 16' X 20' is required for installation.  We will install your shelter 48" deep in the ground, leaving 28" above the surface.  
Finished Storm Shelter Before landscaping Storm Shelter before installation
Dirt from the excavation is then built up around the exposed shelter walls and tapered to the existing ground level. 
The standard shelter is not pre-wired for phone or electricity; however, it can be easily added by a qualified electrician.
Storm Shelter after landscaping. You can do this with your storm shelter or hire a landscape expert to do it for you.There are many ways to landscape the area your storm shelter is in.  This is only one of many examples available.  
There are more decorative options available through a landscaping company. 
Finished Storm Shelter -another landscaping example
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